Shareholders' Meeting

Invitation to Shareholders’ Meeting
Invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2020 Download
Information Memorandum of the Company, Re: Acquisition of Ordinary Shares and Land with Buildings which are Acquisition of Asset Transaction and Connected Transaction Download
Opinion of the Independent Financial Advisor concerning the Asset Acquisitions and Connected Transactions of the Company Download
Proxy Form
Proxy Form A Download
Proxy Form B Download
Proxy Form C Download
The information of Members of Audit Committee to present as proxy Download
The Company’s Article of Association in relation to the General Shareholders’ Meeting Download
Clarifications concerning documents and evidence identifying shareholders and proxies eligible to register, attend, and vote at the Meeting Download
Procedures for Attending the EGM No. 1/2020 Download
The Precautionary Measures and Guidelines for attending the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 2/2020 under the Circumstance of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Download
Procedures for sending any query in advance Download
Map of the Meeting Venue Download
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