Vision & Mission


To Deliver on a Global Scale

Because “rubber gloves” are the first touch for many lives and become an essential part in every stage of life

We are focused on developing natural rubber and nitrile gloves (disposable type) that have a variety of applications in various aspects of life, ranging from medical and food safety to cosmetics and many other industries. We have a team of experts working with meticulous attention to every detail, from the selection of high quality of raw materials and the environmentally friendly production process to the distribution of our gloves to customers all over the world. At the same time, we are committed to using the latest technology to innovate and improve upon our products in order to produce quality gloves that have a wide variety of applications and comply with standards of countries around the world with maximum efficiency. Through all of this, we believe that we are able to build trust among our customers, investors and financial institutions as well as generate consistent profitability and sustainable growth.

In addition, we are committed to conducting business with transparency and fairness and value every life in the supply chain of our business operations, from upstream to downstream. Our support of domestic latex helps to boost the demand for natural rubber and contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the country. We are also focused on responding to various consumer demands and providing good quality of life to our employees. With an aspiration “to deliver on a global scale,” we strive to achieve sustainable growth by producing gloves that become an essential part of life.


Stay Healthy and Healthy

2021 was best ever in the history of Sri Trang Group and it will not be the last.

Covid-19 will still be with us for a while and we are learning how to manage and live with it either through vaccination or adopting to different types of behavior. More than 90% of our people have been vaccinated with 2 doses and we are still starting with 3rd booster dose and the whole exercise should be completed by January 2022. We will do whatever it takes to make our people safe and healthy.

Having able stay healthy and strong, we will use this opportunity to speed up and to scale up our operation and expansion into the next level.

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