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Our Vision Is To Deliver On A Global Scale

At Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand), our priority is to develop hand protection that supports every life from medical and food to many other industries. Our constant research starts from the very heart of our raw materials through to our development of in-house innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Cutting edge technology and non-stop innovation

With years of experience, SRI TRANG GLOVES (THAILAND) engineering team is the expert in designing of state-of-the-art glove production process. As a result, we are able to come up with highly flexible and efficient production process to ensure high quality hand protection to satisfy all our customers on a global scale.

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We research into the scientific heart of raw materials

We believe that great products all start with raw materials. At SRI TRANG GLOVES (THAILAND) we heavily invest in our R&D, from choosing the right type of rubber trees, the research and development of plantation techniques, which the aim of producing the best quality latex with low protein content to supply to our Gloves factories.

Not just latex, we also focus on Nitrile, using rigorous sourcing and testing to ensure that all Nitrile butadiene rubber from our suppliers is up to STGT standards.

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