Right of Shareholder

Right of Shareholders

The Company give important to the right protection of every shareholder, which will not do any action that would be a violation or deprivation the right of shareholders and strive to conduct the business to create added value for shareholders in long term as well as treat every shareholder fairly and equally. Therefore, the Company determined a policy and disclosed through various media of the Company to promote, support, and facilitate the shareholders to exercise their right in various matters include basic legal right, the right to receive significant information, the right to propose agenda items for shareholders’ meeting and the right to propose the name of appropriate nominated person to be elected as the Company’s director as well as the right to attend and vote on any matters at shareholders’ meetings. The Company regularly review and update the guideline on exercising such rights for the best interest of the shareholders.

It is the policy of the Company to require all directors to attend every general shareholders’ meeting except in case that it is necessary and appropriate reason for such directors to be absent. The Company Secretary shall responsible for ensuring that the organization of the general shareholders’ meeting is orderly, transparent, efficient, convenient and facilitative for shareholders so they can exercise their rights.

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