Sri Trang Gloves ultimate go is to drive and improve communities around STGT facilities. This is not just corporate social responsibility but it is about long term improvement of economic in cities that we locate in. these aim include create job, build skills, drive local economic, bring prosperity through our expansion.

We believe this is the roots of continues sustainability as creating jobs will lead to more people moving to seek opportunities in the area. This will then create local business including food markets, hospitals, hotels and department store which will build up the local economic and moving to improving the whole city.

Apart from the big picture. We also continues supporting communities around our factories by taking part in local activity, health and welfare support as well as looking after stake holder in the area.

Other SD Project

ศรีตรังโกลฟส์ จัดกิจกรรมวันเด็ก

ศรีตรังโกลฟส์ ห่วงใยชาวชุมชน มอบถุงยังชีพแก่ผู้พิการ

ศรีตรังโกลฟส์ ร่วมบริจาคโลหิตแก่สภากาชาดไทย