Human resource Development

Policy on human resource development

The Company considers its human resources as valuable and an important driving force for the organization. Therefore, employees at all levels will receive training and development concurrently while on the job in order to learn, practice skills, create attitudes enabling them to properly perform their work according to the job requirement systematically and continuously, so as to have career advancement, business development and extension for the continued growth of the organization, stepping into an organization with world-class standards. The Company has guidelines for human resource development such as (GRI 404-2)

  • Development and training through on-the-job training according to operational procedures by the supervisor or an expert in that field in order to enhance learning and improve skills during operation. Moreover, there is also a "mentoring system" to provide advice, counseling, work instruction and support for the development of working potential for new employees to be able to adapt to the organization, colleagues, work environment, as well as also creating a positive attitude towards the organization among employees.
  • Support and promote exchange of knowledge from external organizations through activities such as implementing an annual internal training plan conducted by external trainers (In-house Training: External Trainer) with knowledge and expertise, participation in training with external agencies (External Training / Public Training) both short and long term to exchange knowledge from many organizations that join the training, study visits / visit to external agencies, etc. to increase knowledge, skills and experiences, opening new horizons for the application of Copy & Development (C&D) of positive elements that can be developed to suit the organization to keep up with the changing industry landscape and the competition in the era of digital transformation.
  • Support and promote learning within the organization, "Sri Trang Gloves Share & Learn", to foster knowledge creation and management in the organization, allowing employees to learn, access, develop and improve various work by supporting and promoting the development of internal trainers who are knowledgeable personnel, with proficiency and expertise to convey their knowledge and share experiences through various activities such as organizing annual training plans (In-house Training), learning through the Self-Learning system, including organizing "STGT Young Blood" activity to create a good corporate culture (STGT Culture) to cultivate attitudes, team work and a work culture according to STGT Core Values for the new generation of employees who joined the Sri Trang Group and strengthening good relationships between new employees from different locations, different cultures, coming to do activities together.
  • Succession Planning Management to ensure the work continuity in the Company’s key positions or leadership continuity vetting talent within the organization with high knowledge, ability to produce excellent work as the organization expects in order to occupy such positions that becomes vacant with emphasis on human resource development to build leadership and readiness to hold such positions continuously in every line of work.
  • Support and improvement to continuously raise the standard of performance through internal activities such as Kaizen, One Point Lesson (OPL), group activities such as Quality Control Cycle (QCC), etc. Create a platform for the contest and presentation of work for the purpose of knowledge exchange and continued expansion of the results, creating pride for employees.
  • Support and cooperate with educational institutions, both public and private, to give students practical training in the short and long term. This is to generate preparedness before entering the labor market and promote self-development and organizational development, as well as accommodating external organizations, both public and private, in their requests to conduct study visits, extending cooperation on speakers, experts in different fields, etc. which demonstrates social responsibility and creates a good corporate image of the organization.

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