Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Safety, occupational health and work environment are prominent issues of sustainability, the management of which the Company attaches great importance in order to prevent risks, incidence and impacts on its business and stakeholders. These are also important corporate management issues of interest to stakeholders of the Company, especially among employees, partners/contractors and communities around the factory, in its business operation. Therefore, the Company has formulated the Occupational Health & Safety Policy and the Announcement on Company Rules for Contractors as a guideline for all employees and contractors by assigning duties and responsibilities regarding safety, both for individual workers and their colleagues, in compliance with laws and standards on occupational safety and health. In addition, the Company has set up the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee (CDC) and the management of safety according to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 standard to create stability in safe business operations (GRI 403-1). Actions undertaken in this regard in 2021 are as follows:

Hazard identification, risk assessment and incident investigation (GRI 403-2)

The Company proceeded to identify hazards related to work and conducted assessment of safety and occupational health risks to formulate a risk control and prevention plan, as well as seeking opportunities to improve safety and occupational health operations covering activities performed by employees and contractors. The hazard identification process takes into account the nature of work, location, activities and potential hazards. As for risk assessment, consideration was given to social factors, work methods, past incidence, changing work method design and work processes, whereby a risk assessment is conducted at least once a year.

The results of the safety risk assessment revealed that high-consequence work-related injury, namely in such incidents as fire, chemical spill and boiler explosion, the Company’s prevention and control measures are, therefore, set in accordance with the hierarchy of controls, focusing on the elimination of risks and hazards in the workplace. It also focuses on preparedness for various emergencies such as inspections of alarm systems, fire escape routes, emergency lighting, emergency exits and signage, automatic fire suppression system and various emergency suppression devices as well as training emergency response teams to be ready to respond at all times.

The Company has established procedures for dealing with physical or property incidents as well as occupational diseases involving an accident investigation process to find the cause, establish measures to remediate and prevent recurrence as well as to follow up on the results of corrective actions.

For the investigation of accidents or incidents, the Company requires that those who witnessed or were present in the incident must report it to safety officers and related persons within 24 hours, after which the accident investigation process begins. Using the Why Three Analysis tool to analyze the true cause of the accident and provide measures to prevent recurrence, including continuous monitoring of improvements in remediation. The Company also communicates lessons learned to employees and operators in the Company's premises to raise awareness and prevent recurring incidence.

In addition, the Company has promoted a safety culture in the organization by campaigning for employees to report unsafe situations and actions, both via the use of application and reporting box in order to prevent risks, whereby employees or contractors who encounter unsafe conditions and actions that may result in injury or illness due to occupational disease may stop working without facing charges of neglect of duty and report said conditions and actions to supervisors for investigation and correction to ensure safety before work may continue.

Work-related health services (GRI 403-3)

In addition to safety in the workplace, the Company has taken into account the integration of health issues into business operation, mindful that for the organization to grow sustainably employees must be healthy both physically and mentally, which results in better performance efficiency and work environment. The Company therefore pays attention to the care and prevention of health risks of employees and those who work in the Company’s premises. The Company provides health risk assessment by physicians specializing in occupational medicine covering the Company's operating activities in order to determine appropriate measures to control and reduce health risks. The Company has established procedures for regular monitoring and measurement of the working environment, such as odor, light, noise, heat, dust and chemicals in the work space in comparison to the relevant safety standards. If the result exceeds the standard value, the Company will systematically conduct remediation and monitoring to ensure that the measurement results are consistent with the safety standards.

The Company has a hospital and on-duty nurses to provide health services to employees and those who work in the Company's premises. The Company also provides health checks for employees before starting work and when changing jobs, as well as annual general health examinations and health check-up based on occupational health risk factors by an occupational medicine physician. Furthermore, the Company also employs safety officers to provide advice to employees and workers on issues related to occupational health and safety.

Participation, consultation and communication on occupational health and safety issues (GRI 403-4)

The Company promotes the participation of employees in the development of occupational safety and health operations through the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee (CDC) established by the Company under the law. The Committee is responsible for the management of occupational safety and health risks, including promoting the participation of workers through elected employee representatives, separated by line of work to enable effective communication with employees of all fields and levels. The employee representatives work together with management as a working group, which is scheduled to meet at least once a month, to be a forum for exchanging information, continuously improving and monitoring progress of occupational safety and health processes. In 2021, the Working Group made recommendations pertaining to risks arising within respective departments and their surroundings in order to prevent and remediate possible physical harm and property damage, as well as conducting safety and occupational health inspections to continuously improve work areas to be safe.

In addition to holding meetings of the Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee, the Company also organized various activities to promote occupational safety and health to foster employee participation, raise awareness, provide advice and communication on issues related to safety and occupational health, namely Safety Day activities, safety volunteering activities, granting recognition and safety awards, organizing safety exhibitions and quiz games, communication via Outlook, notice boards, safety radio (internal audio transmission system), 5S activities and safety talk, etc.

Occupational Health and Safety Employee Training (GRI 403-5)

The Company provides safety and occupational health training to all employees and workers prior to starting work or when changing jobs based on the nature of the hazards and risks associated with the job or activity to be performed, such as initial firefighting training, Basic First Aid Training, training to properly and safely operate forklifts and hand lifts, safety training in the use of chemicals, electrical safety training and safety training in working in confined spaces, etc. In addition, the Company organized emergency preparedness training such as fire evacuation drills, response to chemical spills and floods, etc., and emergency teams have been established and trained regularly. The Company has prepared a training plan and closely tracks its implementation, as well as conduct assessments of such training and record employee training history in order to develop knowledge and ability in preventing and controlling hazards while working.

Promotion of workers’ health (GRI 403-6)

In addition to health and occupational health services related to work, the Company also attaches great importance to the health of employees and workers in accessing medical services for illnesses that are not occupational diseases by

  • Providing basic medical and emergency treatment to employees and workers at the Company's hospital room free of charge;
  • Organizing annual health check-up services for employees. and a health check-up promotion program for employees over the age of 35;
  • Providing vaccination against COVID-19 to all employees.

For the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the Company has set up screening measures for employees and contractors who come to work in the Company’s premises, whereby body temperature is measured, and health and travel history questionnaire is required to be completed. In addition, work practices have been established to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask at all times when working and meeting with others, maintaining social distancing at work, eating meals separately, online meetings, campaigns to promote frequent hand washing and cleanliness, public relations activities to provide knowledge and advice on preventing the spread of COVID-19, providing alcohol gel dispensers, including weekly spraying of disinfectants and ozone drying in the workspace to prevent and reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

The Company also encourages and supports sports activities for employees to promote good health and help reduce health risks among employees through the following:

  • Supported the construction of a football field (Lewis Stadium) in front of the Company for use by employees to exercise, relieve stress from work, as well as to promote team-building and unity among employees.
  • Provided areas and equipment for exercise at staff housing.
  • Supported the construction of a petanque court and a takraw field at the staff housing facility to provide employees with more access to a variety of sports.

Preventing and mitigating impacts on safety and health that are directly related to business relationships (Disclosure 403-7)

In addition to preventing and reducing the impact on safety and occupational health of employees and workers in the Company's premises, the Company is also aware of the possible risks and negative impacts on safety and occupational health on the Company's business operations that may be caused by the operations of its trading or business partners. Therefore, the Company has established a Supplier Code of Conduct to encourage business partners to operate in line with the Company's operation. The safety and occupational health guidelines for trade and business partners are as follows:

  • Provide a safe work environment and control the risks of accidents and the potential health consequences of the operations and provide access to health services, medical assistance and adequate facilities.
  • Provide regular occupational health and safety training for employees.
  • Provide proper personal protective equipment.
  • Evaluate and establish a plan for emergency preparedness as well as emergency response, rehabilitation, and communication plans

The Company requires its trade and business partners to adhere to and comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct for Occupational Safety and Health to prevent risks and reduce impacts on the business operations of both its partners and the Company.


The Company has established safety and occupational health indicators for employees and contractors/operators as follow;

Indicator (GRI 403-9,403-10) Unit 2021 Target

Fatality as a result of Work-Related Injury

  • Employee
  • Supplier





Lost-Time Injury Frequency Rate : LTIFR

  • Employee
case /1,000,000 worked hours 2.08 -

Injury Severity Rate : ISR

  • Employee
day /1,000,000 worked hours 10.86 -

Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate : TRIFR

  • Employee
case /1,000,000 worked hours 2.88 2.5

High-Consequence Work-related Injuries Rate*

  • Employee
Case 0 -
Occupational Illness Frequency Rate: OIFR (case /1,000,000 worked hours Person 0 0
The accidents leading to time off work for more than 3 days (case /1,000,000 worked hours) Person 1.6 <1.5

*High-consequence work-related injuries rate (Accidents due to work that unable to restore the body to the state it was in before the accident within 6 months after the accident.)

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