Message from CEO

Sustainable business operations and investment have always been at the heart of Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“the Company”), under the concept of “Clean World, Clean Gloves” that cares about product quality, is mindful of environmental, social and governance issues and ever ready to deal with business risks and potential risks, with a focus on creating value for stakeholders and confidence in business partners and consumers through the sustainability approach "SHARE", which is in line with the Company's sustainable modus operandi and consists of five main approaches: 1) sustainability in the supply chain and fair trade; 2) human rights; 3) animal welfare; 4) responsibility and sharing touch of love; and 5) environmentally friendly technologies. In 2021, our areas of focus on sustainability are as follows:

Environmental dimension

Focus on decarbonizing operations

Climate change has led to many natural disasters which could potentially affect the Company's business operations, for example, disrupting a production process or impeding suppliers’ delivery of raw materials to the Company. Because of that, the Company has been proactively managing the risks and impacts of climate change through improvements in energy efficiency, a focus on the use of biomass fuel to produce 100 percent of thermal energy, waste management based on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) principles, as well as the measurement of the organization's carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of products, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from operations and achieve the goal of being a low-carbon company and a green factory that is friendly to the environment and the local communities.

Social dimension

Employee health care and recruitment of a new generation of high-potential employees

The Company considers all its employees as family members. During 2021, when COVID-19 was an ever-present threat, the Company provided triple vaccinations to all employees and set up various workplace measures and operational protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including a close monitoring of employees' health in order to ensure the health and safety of employees as well as to boost morale. The Company also extended vaccinations to families of employees. For the expansion of the Company's business operations, in addition to creating employment in the local communities through the hiring of local people, the Company has promoted a recruitment of talented individuals with whom the Company can work with to bring out their full potential that can contribute to the Company’s sustainable growth.

Engagement with the local communities and society

With regard to the local communities and society, the Company has implemented various projects to support and share the love with the local communities through donations of medical gloves to hospitals and government agencies across the country in support of public health operations during the pandemic. In addition, the Company has also supported projects to improve the livelihoods of the local communities that focus on utilizing and creating value from disused materials to create employment and generate income for the communities.

Respect for human rights in business operations

Conducting business with regard for the principles of universal human rights throughout the supply chain is one of the core principles of the Company. This year, the Company announced a policy on human rights and non-discrimination as a best-practice guideline for preventing human rights violations, both directly and indirectly, against all groups of stakeholders. The Company has further planned a comprehensive human rights risk assessment in the business process in order to identify risks that may affect the operations and to formulate preventative measures or reduce the impacts thereof.

Governance and economic dimensions

Creating sustainability throughout the supply chain

The Company has established a code of conduct and guidelines for business partners as a framework to encourage business partners to conduct their business with due regard for social responsibility as per the Company's principles. The Company has also established procedures for selecting and evaluating partners based on social and environmental criteria. The aim here is to prevent risks and reduce the impact on business operations arising from supply chain management as well as to jointly create sustainable growth together.

Promoting innovation and technology development for sustainability

In addition, the Company has promoted business innovation and the use of automation to improve production efficiency. In 2021, the Company developed innovative latex gloves with no principal allergenic proteins that are biodegradable and has a low carbon footprint based on the “Clean World, Clean Gloves” concept and introduced more automation in its production processes.

Aiming for excellence in sustainability

With improvements and developments of our sustainability operation in 2021, the Company is positioned to be an organization with operational excellence in sustainability, with three main pillars:
1) benchmarking and standardization;
2) decarbonization with the aim of carbon neutrality and net-zero global and domestic emissions; and
3) collaboration and reputation by which the Company promotes positive cooperation among all groups of stakeholders. In this regard, the Company will strive to continuously improve our sustainability operation to drive business growth and create value for all groups of stakeholders, offering protection to every touch along with sustainable business development.

Ms. Jarinya Jirojkul


Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) Public Company Limited