Agriculture Gloves

Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand)

We are a manufacturer of high-quality examination gloves, offering variety level of hand protection at finger & palm. Great comfortable & convenient hand protection choice for use in agriculture, garden, and other activities that involve working with plants and chemicals.

As a leading disposable glove manufacturer, we understand that there are many occupational hazards that people working in agriculture, ranching, and farming confront on a daily basis.

It is therefore important to get the most effective hand protection equipment such as heavy-duty latex and nitrile gloves.

Protect Yourself from Potential Hazards with High-Quality Sri Trang Gloves

Some of the most common hand injuries in horticulture and other agricultural activities involve punctures, abrasions, and cuts to the hands.

Workers handling different types of vegetation will occasionally suffer from skin and tissue damage depending on the type of vegetation they are working on, for example, roses, vines, and trees.

Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand) has a wide range of latex and nitrile gloves designed to address minimal to medium risk types of agriculture and gardening hazards. Our gloves are made using advanced technology to provide sufficient protection while ensuring that your hands remain as dexterous as possible while working on your garden or farm.

Our gloves are also designed to ensure that you are comfortable when working in extreme temperatures. The gloves are thin enough to comfortably fit your hand and fingers in both cold and hot conditions.

Helping You Protect Your Hands at the Farm

It is important to protect your hands while working at the farm or at your garden. The potential for injury is high, especially when dealing with certain plants. There is also the danger of skin injury when applying chemicals to your garden or crops.

We provide high-quality gloves perfect for farming to ensure that your hands remain as safe as possible even when working in a dangerous environment.

Our gloves are tested and rated based on degradation and permeability according to ASTM D6978, ASTM F739-20 and EN 374. Designed to protect both your fingers and hands against chemicals. it is important to keep your hands safe whether you are working with plants, farming machinery, farming chemicals, or animals.

Gloves will not prevent accidents but they offer protection and shield your hands from abrasions, slips, cuts, and exposure to chemicals. There is a wide range of disposable gloves for all types of agricultural activities.

Our Range of Agriculture Gloves Products

We offer a wide range of disposable gloves suitable for farming, garden and agriculture including:

  • Latex powdered examination gloves
  • Latex powder-free examination gloves
  • Nitrile powder-free examination gloves
  • Gamm-ray sterile examination gloves

Our gloves Latex products are available as FSC upon request and come with certification from Food Safety Management System Cover GMP+HAACP.

Premium Latex Powdered and Powder Free Gloves for Garden and Agriculture Jobs

We have invested years of research to select the most suitable latex formula that provides a good combination of perfect thickness, high flexibility, and comfort in the manufacturing of gloves suitable for garden and agricultural jobs.

Our manufacturing process aims at providing reliable protection against chemical hazards, cuts, and abrasions when working with plants, agricultural products and chemicals, and animals.

The latex gloves have been used in medical examination processes across the US and the European Union. The products comply with Category III protective glove requirements for use against chemical hazards.

We have Latex powdered gloves lightly powdered with especial USP Absorbable Dusting Powder for a fast and easy joining process while keeping your hands safe at all times. The latex gloves can be used in any industry where hand protection is essential.

Nitrile Gloves for All Uses

Besides latex gloves, Sri Trang Gloves (Thailand), also manufactures nitrite gloves using the latest testing and sourcing technologies to ensure that all the nitrites we get from our suppliers meets STGT standards.

We have selective nitrite examination and quality control measures to ensure that the gloves we offer to our clients add value in terms of comfort, dexterity, and that elastic feeling you need when working on your garden or at the farm.

Latex Gloves for All Types of Yard Work

Working at your garden, yard, or farm should not be a pain when you are adorned in the right garden gloves. Our gloves give you the benefits of safety and fun while working with plants.

They have a durable non-slip construction to prevent sore fingertips and broken fingernails or punctures by sharp greenery.

Some of the key features of our latex and nitrile gloves include:

  • Comfortable hand protection
  • Fast & Convenient
  • Hygienic and disposable
  • Design with various sizes, suitable for everyone
  • Soft and breathable texture design to keep your hands safe and dry and prevent them from getting hot causing discomfort.
  • Lightweight gardening gloves
  • Fully-waterproof design to prevent liquids entering the gloves.
  • Fully-dirt proof latex and nitrile gloves, gloves can be cleaned of dirt very easily.
  • Resistant to selective chemicals and chemotherapy drugs.
  • Perfect for menial farming jobs such as hydroponic farming or bonsai grooming.

Leveraging On Science and Cutting-Edge Technology to Manufacture High-Quality Gloves

Our engineering team has years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality gloves for variety usage of applications that need hand protection.

We focus on providing highly flexible and efficient glove production processes that ensure that our customers enjoy high-quality hand protection for all types of industries where gloves are required including the agriculture industry.

Contact us today to learn more about our glove manufacturing technologies and processes.