Latex Powdered Examination Gloves

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As part of the fully integrated natural rubber producer, Latex have always been part of SRI TRANG GLOVES (THAILAND)’s blood.

Through our experienced expertise and heavily research & development in selection of latex quality, low protein formula as well as production technology.

We have set high standard for ourselves in term of both qualities and competitiveness in order to fulfill our vision to deliver the at a global scale

Latex Powdered

Latex Powdered has been part of our life for more than 100 years. It was one of the life-changing innovations that still deliver the to people around the world today.

Today latex gloves have been improved compared to when they were first produced. STGT takes pride in our knowledge and R&D in latex raw materials as well as experience in gloves production. We deliver the most comfortable gloves that remain effective in order to carry on this legacy and offer the on a global scale.

Our Standard Latex Powdered Gloves

Our Latex Powdered and Latex Powder free are design for various user from Medical application to food and industries where Hand Protection is needed.

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