Gamma Ray Sterile Examination Gloves

Hygiene and cleanliness of our sterile gloves are our first priority.

At STGT, we choose Gamma ray radiation process that has high penetration and has no residue left over in order to ensure that our sterilized gloves are clean from germs and chemicals.

All our sterile gloves are processed and monitored by a global leading sterilization and contamination specialist with more than 40 years of experience in providing safe and effective gamma radiation sterilization.

Packing of sterile gloves.

POLYOREFIN POUCH film is used for packing each pair of our sterile gloves to ensure the hygiene and safety of each glove. Polyorefin is recognized to be the packaging material that can withstand the sterilization from ETO, Electron beam to high penetration Gamma ray.

Our Standard Gamma Ray Sterile Examination Gloves

Our Sterile Examination gloves are designed for use in areas where there is potential for contamination and infection.

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